Blobby Maze

This is a flash game, I have worked on it for around 8 weeks on and off. It was created for a class project when doing my Bachelor’s degree in 2011. I have designed and coded the game in Adobe Flash using ActionScript3 for code.

This game includes 3 modes, first mode is a one-player mission to navigate 3 mazes using the main character Blobby to help a character named Octi to escape the captivity of the bad guys. Second mode, is a 2-player maze where they races against each other to reach the other side of the maze. Third mode, is playing against an android, the AI, in 3 different difficulties [Easy, Normal, Hard].

Play Blobby Maze.

Side note, I could never beat the android on Hard, so if you played it and you did. I’d be interested in knowing that. =D



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