KaramelLand UDK Map Video

I did this video for a small event to showcase various video games projects, mine was on the list. This video was created to demonstrate my game’s world briefly without any actual deathmatch action. Though, I am working on recording a gameplay video of it, that I will soon be posting.

Watch KaramelLand world demonstration video below. I think the quirkiness is demonstrated much better in motion.

More info about this UDK map is in this post, and a link to download the map as well, with instructions if you need them.


GLaDOS the PotatOS game

Hehe, writing down the name just now makes me think, I really love this game purely for its concept, it’s far from being a brilliant game mechanics wise.

A couple of screen captures of it.

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This project was done in 2 weeks. I was working on it to develop my programming skills in C# language. I had never done C++ language before, I’ve only worked on Java, JavaScript and ActionScript3.

Therefore, in this game, programming was my focal point, though I usually cannot work without having a secondary world concept when designing a level even for a plain coding project. I had a few ideas initially, but I felt strongly about the GLaDOS the PotatOS adventure. It was in a world where Chell was out of the picture. So, GLaDOS took things in her own hands, so to speak, and fought the birds on her own to get to the GLaDOS machine to transfer her conscious into it. Wheatley is defeat solely on this action.

The game mechanics is shooting from PotatOS to kill the birds, the Turrets if you fancy destroying them, and trying to avoid the lasers. Also, getting the Cores, the orange and the manic red cores for a health boost.

The game needs more work. Specifically, getting the camera angle and the movement of the PotatOS righ is my priority, as the camera angle is too high, and the character’s movement isn’t smooth, it jitters slightly. Secondly, improve the look and feel of the environment, I’ve only 3D modeled the PotatOS and birds, the cores and turrets were assembled in Unity with the basic shapes, mostly the sphere.  So, there will be a second iteration of the game in the future.

Play GLaDOS the PotatOS.



Valve owns the copyrights of Portal 2. This game is merely my take on a fictional adventure in Aperture Science Enrichment Center.


Robots – Unity Game

I am currently working on a story driven puzzle game on Unity. The project is in its early stages of development. I’ve been working on preliminary character concepts, I’m at the stage where I’m testing the characters 3D models scales in the digital prototype of the game. There will be 4 characters, 3 of those robots are illustrated in this image below.

The following image is the digital prototype of the puzzle game.

The next stage of development would be researching the environmental concepts, as well as getting the tutorial levels of the puzzle done. Preferably, the players will be taught the mechanics of the game relaying on the proper visual feedback designed into the tutorials. Rather than going with in-your-face sort of tutorials, with the bubble text on screen as they take away from the experience of the player, preventing them from the desired flow and the uninterrupted experience of the game that this puzzle game is striving to achieve.

The final product of this game will be posted online, free to play. I’ll keep updating my progress throughout this process on this blog.