Robots – Unity Game

I am currently working on a story driven puzzle game on Unity. The project is in its early stages of development. I’ve been working on preliminary character concepts, I’m at the stage where I’m testing the characters 3D models scales in the digital prototype of the game. There will be 4 characters, 3 of those robots are illustrated in this image below.

The following image is the digital prototype of the puzzle game.

The next stage of development would be researching the environmental concepts, as well as getting the tutorial levels of the puzzle done. Preferably, the players will be taught the mechanics of the game relaying on the proper visual feedback designed into the tutorials. Rather than going with in-your-face sort of tutorials, with the bubble text on screen as they take away from the experience of the player, preventing them from the desired flow and the uninterrupted experience of the game that this puzzle game is striving to achieve.

The final product of this game will be posted online, free to play. I’ll keep updating my progress throughout this process on this blog.


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