Nox Brain Concept Art

This is a Nox Brain’s official Facebook page round up. It’s been about 2 weeks since it’s been published, we got a fair amount of followers. Please, if you like, share and Like the page, shamelessly whore  publicize it =p.

Below are few environment and enemies concept art of the game. Check out the page here:

Click on the images to take you to the post on the FB page.


Nox Brain is a hack and slash game, you play as this guy.

Early Character Concept Art for Nox

Environment Concept Art

Environment Concept Art, the “Left Side”

Environment Concept Art, the “Right Side”

A Ranged Enemy Character Concept

A Melee Enemy Character Concept

An Enemy Character Concept, “Pop-‘n-Attack”

Where do you think this game is happening? What are those enemies? Hehe, take a guess.

I’ll be posting more details on enemies and environment soon. Stay tuned =D