Chaos Theory: Butterfly Effect


That is the title for the latest game I worked on for a 72hrs game jam event, titled Game Zanga. I collaborated with Nayef to make this one, and this is a little dev diary post about the game.

The theme of the jam was announced last Thursday, 12:00am, which was “CHAOS”. I thought of some “typical” chaos themed games, but I wanted to go with something abstract and unusual with a one/two action based game. Easy to handle and can produce something with decent gameplay for the time given. So, one of the ideas was to make a game about Chaos Theory, and part of that is the Butterfly Effect. In my head, I pictured a possible game out of that. So, I read up more on the subject and slept on it. I met up with my teammate on the next day, and we started our brainstorming session, we had some pretty cool game concepts and we eventually decided for the time constraints to go with the butterfly effect game.

The game was done in Construct2, I’ve taken a liking to this engine. It’s a breeze to develop game prototypes on it. I had a playable prototype of the game on Friday evening and then I started polishing up the game and on Saturday art was integrated into the game, and I submitted the game [give it a go here] on Saturday, the 16th before 12:00am. because I thought.. it was a 48hrs game jam. I was mistaken. But it was all good, the game was like a beta release, lol. I got some good feedback. With the extra time, we had, I took in the feedback of the players, which was basically it was fun and simple. So, I thought of ways to add to the gameplay, and the thought of “What comes before a butterfly?” came to mind, and this video, I watched a while back, of a cocoon transformation was embedded in my head. It’s amazing and kind of disturbing. So based on that, a new level was designed into the game, that comes before the original butterfly level. I had a few hours only before the deadline on Sunday to get the new level in, and to test if it was actually fun.

The game plays, with helping the cocoon transform by pressing the arrow keys appearing on the screen, timed actions. And then it proceeds to the butterfly level, where the player need to help the butterfly flap its wings, by pressing Space key, and this level is timed for 5 seconds. So pressing the key as fast as you can within the time set, and there’s a gauge that measures how many clicks are made, and depending on that, players get different endings “effects” to the butterfly flapping its wings. There are four different consequences. I won’t spoil them.

Oh and the Arabic integration is, something else. I didn’t know how to properly add “formal” Arabic, it was hard enough to get the Arabic description of the game out. So instead of butchering the language, I went with my Emirati Arabic instead, so you’re in for a treat. lol

Play the game here. Leave us your feedback =D


The art was done by Nayef. It was all done on paper, scanned and digitally cleaned up for the game.

The spoken SFX were voiced by yours truly. Lol I thought it’ll add more character to the game, plus it was quicker to record it myself than find the right recording online.

The other SFX were found on, and the cocoon art was found on


I love challenges, and this was a really fun one. It was a weekend of game devving, and very little of anything else. Thanks a lot to everyone to who has given me their feedback, with the early release of the game. It has helped make the game better, I think.



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