It’s ALIVE! Hybrid Humans is ALIVE! Hehe


The past two months have been hectic and awesome. I was presented with the opportunity to do game design workshops, in a couple of places. First one was in Sharjah International Children Film Festival, my audience was kids of all ages. And the second one was a 2-days workshops for young adults, done for twofour54 Tadreeb *Thanks Maryam for modeling & play pretend my game lol*. It was a pretty interesting and a fun, strange experience. I was quite nervous, as well. I’ve never been in a position where I had share my knowledge in that way, but I really loved it because I felt I’ve made a difference in someone(s) life, a new perspective on how to look at games and start making them. I remember that 9 year old kid I met with his mom, I hope he grows up to be a kickass game designer *shout out for Rashed =D*.


Sharjah Internation Children Film Festival “Intro To Game Design” workshop

An after shot of the workshop, since I forgot to take one during.

An after shot of the twofour54 workshop, since I forgot to take one during.

While reviewing my slides, for my preperation for the second workshop, I’ve come to realize that I’ve set the content in a way, that I can sum it up in “Think. Feel. Game.”, and I’ve decided that should be the motto for my startup studio, Hybrid Humans. And it can sum up game development as well. I’d like to do game design workshops again, I’m passionate about designing video game experiences and I want people to get into game development too. It’s been awesome for me, so I want to share the experience. COME TO THE FUN SIDE, where you play games for research. So cool, I KNOW!

The second -awesome- event that followed was, going public with Hybrid Humans studio. I’ve participated in a local gaming event, IGN Convention, to hype up the studio and had set up a teaser for my next game, Very Berry Bunnies -conceptual title-. That was such an exciting weekend, just wrapped up yesterday actually. That was another first time, to participate in a gaming event. It definitely won’t be my last. I loved meeting the awesome humans there, it was great fun. And I got to fvckin meet Troy -fvckin Joel/Joker- Baker!! And he signed my TLOU game, my Hybrid Humans labeled shirt AND I gave give him one as well. AH FANGIRLING! Lol He, also did a live set of his new album too. It was brilliant! Dear Mr. Baker, you are fvckin awesome.


But back to my attempt to *whore* promote the studio. Since, the game isn’t ready to be showcased in public yet, I had to think of alternatives, that were not of the digital kind. I decidied to do a cardboard cutout of the main characters in the game, the ringmaster and the bunny. People stuck their faces into the ringmaster, to be him and the bruised eyed bunny poking out of his hat, with a smile laced with secrets. That was recieved really well I think, check out the loads of peoples’ pictures here. And those peeps that posted the pictures online, got a free tshirt with the studio’s logo/name on it *grin*. Similar to the one Mr. Baker is holding.

Moreover, another reason for participating was, I wanted to see who’d be interested in doing the indie game scene, check out the local talent. I’ve met a few of that were, and I hope to hear and collaborate with some of them in the future. Indie develoment FTW!

That was my short summary for the good months of October and November. Game on.


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