Achievement Unlocked

It is fvckin fantastic to achieve your goals, el7mdellah. I set out to start up Hybrid Humans studio, and I did that. I officially have a studio space in downtown Abu Dhabi, it was such a terrifying and exciting thing to do. I want to kick start the local indie game scene in the UAE, more collaborative efforts. We’re such a small community, that I hope will grow. Now, I have the capacity to hire people and work together in one place. If you’re interested in working together, share your portfolio to Hi@HybridHumans.aeI’ve been in talk with a few interesting people, who could be great candidates to join the team. And I’ve got my good teammates, we’re building away at our game, Hop Hop Away.

Window view from the studio, taken over the weekend.

Window view from the studio, taken over the weekend.

When looking for the studio space, I wanted big windows in a busy part of the city, lol. I love me some natural light, and a view to look at when working. I hope it’ll be the place to produce awesome games.

And this brings me, to this upcoming weekend. Global Game Jam is happening in Abu Dhabi. Come and join us, if you’re around the city. Sign up here. If you’re curious for how it goes, or want to participate in a game devving challenge, it’s an open invite, free for all.

Here’s to making cool shit happen. =D



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