Sans 3D Models

KaramelLand Spawning Red Island

I will be posting a few assets that I have used in my games. Up for grabs if you wish to use them, with the due credits please.

Such a misleading title, but I love the comments that are on this page. I appreciate them =D I originally intended for this page to be the home of my 3D models, but I’ve noticed that mine aren’t the best 3D models, so I’ve kept them safe into their home of KaramelLand. If, you happen to want a model, let know and I can share it.


7 thoughts on “Sans 3D Models

  1. WEEEEE!!

    I hope to see PS3 games in here hehehehe =p

    you really have a weird brain .. i can see that men your drawings .. it kinda reminded me of little big plant.. try to create your mushy caramel world so we can play..

    ❤ Miss Yooh..

    • I had an idea for a mushy caramel world, but a little big planet twist could come in nicely. I’ll let the idea play around in my head. =D
      Thank you, mushy Dee. <8

  2. You are awesome! Your blog is full of epicness and hard work ! YOU FREAKING AWESOME GIRL. I WANNA PLAY ALL YOUR GAMESSSSSS! Good luck to the infinity and beyond 😀

    • I can muster my appreciation and excitement for your comment only by saying, in Rabbids style, DAAAAAAAAAAAA! lol, I love me a Buss lightyear reference. Thank you, Reem, to infinity and beyond. =D ❤

  3. I agree with Mushide, creating this Map in Little big Planet would be a Nice Idea, its a really Creative and Colorful Map but you will also need a little story to it if you intend on creating it in Little Big Planet.
    It would be a Nice Idea to make it on Little Big Planet Karting where you wont have to worry on create any story and it would look really Good in a 3D Environment Instead of the Normal Little Big Planet 2.5D Environment.

    • Hello there,

      Sure, just with due credits in your student project please. And I’d love to see what you did with it. It’s been a while since your message, I hope your project went well. =)

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