Nox Brain

ImageThat’s the title of my new game, it’s in its production stage. My team and I, Einhorn Team, will be working on this and the window release for this game is late June, 2013.

Lead Team Members are,

Myself, Hadeel Miqdadi and Finn Teague-Moore.

Additional Team Members,

The one and only, Agent Whiskers is working on the music and sfx.

Mariam Al Atouly is working on the 2D art for the story.


The official Nox Brain Facebook page is right here. Woohooooo~


More updates on the project should follow soon. Regular updates will be posted on the FB page.



My latest game project is titled Heisenberg.

“It’s over. I WON!”

You play as the badass leader named Heisenberg, of a chemical substance operation, the blue crystal. It’s a game of resource management, broadening your influence throughout the territories to gain power and control over them, to distribute your product to thus expanding your empire. You have to push your competitors out of the territory and out of business, “All hail the king”.

Plot twist, this game is text based and menu driven.

Thus far, the game economy works on paper, it needs to be implemented via code into Unity. Microsoft Excel was used to get the proper numbers for the economy. GUI elements are being designed and built going through the usual iterations, programming for the AI and the GUI. I’m working with my colleague Nick Phipps on this project.

I’ll keep updating the blog with the major progress milestones of this game as I go along.


PS: This game is inspired by the fantastic show Breaking Bad – AMC.