Heisenberg Prototype Release

This is the prototype of Heisenberg. A proof-of-concept release. So, be aware that it is not the final version of the game, thus it might contain a few bugs. Click on the image to try the prototype, you’ll be redirected to the game’s web player.

Note: You might be promoted to download the Unity Web Player plugin to your browser, if it wasn’t installed on your browser. 



Download Ghosts No More

This game is merely a proof of concept, at this stage.

Mac download link here.

Windows download link here.

Ghosts No More synopsis:

The kid, Roberto, aspires to be a fire fighting man when he grows up, but he is scared of dark places and ghosts, so he creates this imaginary adventure where he fights these ghosts (2 kinds of ghosts, dark and fire ghosts) with light orbs and water from his Fire Jet Truck in a haunted mansion. Must use the light orbs to help navigate the dark mansion.

For more info about this project, read this post.

Dev Diaries: GRIM Project – Aesthetic Progression

In this post, I’ll be focusing on the aesthetic changes that went through G12-iM game, specifically throughout the testing we did, dubbed as Rapid Iterative Playtesting (RIP). The following images are a sort of a scene comparison from testing day 1 until the latest built of the game. We conducted 3 RIPs, over the period of 3 days, respectively.

Level 1 - Scene Comparison

Level 2 - Scene Comparison

Level 3 - Scene Comparison

Level 4 - Scene Comparison

Level 5 - Scene Comparison

Level 6 - Scene Comparison

Level 7 - Scene Comparison

Level 8 - Scene Comparison

Level 9 - Scene Comparison

Level 10 - Scene Comparison

Level 11 - Scene Comparison

Level 12 - Scene Comparison

The aesthetic of the game, are of a prison-like factory. For instance, it incorporates the metal barred doors. For the switches door design concept, a door with prison doors characteristics, yet has a factory-door feeling to it too. The prison doors, are metal bars doors, holding the prisoners in from the outside world. They can only see through them. The factory doors are bulky mechanical doors, they’re built to lock noise in, and for safety measures are rigid and strong. The door design we have used for the switches door, is a rigid door with bars. Once the door is activated, the bars slide into the floor, and the metal panels of the door are retracted into their own side of the wall, right/left.

It incorporates the second-floor walkways, as well. In a prison environment, guards/prison security officials use those second-floor walk ways to keep a watch on the prisoners. They shouldn’t do “wrong” things, or they’ll be punished, by the prison rules. In the game, the second-floor walkways are to give the impression that these robots are being watched, observed, consistently. An eerie atmospheric element, to make the player wonder about the environment, and the secondary world.

Prison Inspiration

As for the factory environment inspirations, the levels incorporate the machinery, pipes, tanks, gears, crushers, conveyor belts, and storage boxes. The “motivational poster”, can be seen in a few levels, on 1 – 6 – 9 and 12. These were inspired from Portal 2 and Oddworld Abe Oddysee. In those particular games, I loved how they used posters and wall scribbles to to convoy the message. Like whispering a secret to the attentive gamers. So I wanted to include that in G12-iM, in the posters and the machinery screens.

Posters Inspiration

Posters Inspiration

Text Samples

Samples of the “motivational posters” text. Some were used in the game, some weren’t.


This concludes the aesthetic level progression and the research for the prison-factory environment that was used in the game.


Robots – Unity Game

I am currently working on a story driven puzzle game on Unity. The project is in its early stages of development. I’ve been working on preliminary character concepts, I’m at the stage where I’m testing the characters 3D models scales in the digital prototype of the game. There will be 4 characters, 3 of those robots are illustrated in this image below.

The following image is the digital prototype of the puzzle game.

The next stage of development would be researching the environmental concepts, as well as getting the tutorial levels of the puzzle done. Preferably, the players will be taught the mechanics of the game relaying on the proper visual feedback designed into the tutorials. Rather than going with in-your-face sort of tutorials, with the bubble text on screen as they take away from the experience of the player, preventing them from the desired flow and the uninterrupted experience of the game that this puzzle game is striving to achieve.

The final product of this game will be posted online, free to play. I’ll keep updating my progress throughout this process on this blog.


Blobby Maze

This is a flash game, I have worked on it for around 8 weeks on and off. It was created for a class project when doing my Bachelor’s degree in 2011. I have designed and coded the game in Adobe Flash using ActionScript3 for code.

This game includes 3 modes, first mode is a one-player mission to navigate 3 mazes using the main character Blobby to help a character named Octi to escape the captivity of the bad guys. Second mode, is a 2-player maze where they races against each other to reach the other side of the maze. Third mode, is playing against an android, the AI, in 3 different difficulties [Easy, Normal, Hard].

Play Blobby Maze.

Side note, I could never beat the android on Hard, so if you played it and you did. I’d be interested in knowing that. =D