3-in-1: Ghosts No More

As previously stated in my last post. The 3-in-1 concept is this game, titled Ghosts No More. With this concept game project. I wanted to create a world where shooting doesn’t kill, but is in fact doing something good.

Ghosts No More synopsis:

The kid, Roberto, aspires to be a fire fighting man when he grows up, but he is scared of dark places and ghosts, so he creates this imaginary adventure where he fights these ghosts (2 kinds of ghosts, dark and fire ghosts) with light orbs and water from his Fire Jet Truck in a haunted mansion. Must use the light orbs to help navigate the dark mansion.


The Fire Jet Truck

The win condition for this game is to find the Boss Ghost in the mansion and fill it with enough light orbs, by shooting it with light orbs, until the “cat” appears. I won’t divulge into the details of the win screen. I’ll leave it as a surprise for the player(s) for when I publish the game. =]

This is the Main Menu of the game:

Main Menu

Continue button takes the player back from the location they exited from. 
This is where the adventure starts:
Instruction tips are displayed on tree trucks and grave stones.

The mansion. The imaginary adventure starts here.

Game instructions on gravestones.

Upon entering the mansion, Roberto gets dragged into the maze-like basement by the Boss Ghost. The basement is dark, Roberto must shoot the light orbs to navigate himself and find the big Boss Ghost.

The Basement:

While Roberto is in the basement, by pressing M, a mini map of the place appears. Like so:

The Ghosts:
The Fire blob Ghost

The Fire blob Ghost

Fire blob Ghost extinguished by the water spray.

Dark Ghosts transition to lighter ghosts by the amount of light orbs they receive. ’til they get a good amount of light orbs, they vanish into the “light” as they are no longer dark and evil.

Dark Ghost (can be spotted in the ceiling of the basement)

Dark Ghost (coming up from the ground)

A semi-lit ghost by the light orbs.

A lit ghost, a few more light orbs into it and it should vanish.

Boss Ghost
The Boss Ghost projectiles are the word “BOO”. Can be see here:

Boss Ghost BOO-ing Roberto.

The projectile of Boss Ghost spread out in a 180 degree.

Avoid the BOO’s.

Fire Jet Truck projectiles:

Light Orbs – Pattern 1: (by pressing left-click on the mouse)

A single light orb is fired.

Light Orbs – Pattern 2: (by pressing right-click on the mouse)

Spray Water: (by pressing B on the keyboard)

The lose condition of Ghosts No More is when Roberto’s Fire Jet Truck energy goes down to zero. A number of death screens should be prompted to appear randomly. I have programmed it so 1 out of the 4 death screens should show.

Here are screen shots of all the four screens:

Playing Quantum Conundrum inspired these random death screens. I thought they were cleverly implemented in it. I didn’t want death to be final in my game, so by having these random “subjectively funny” death screens would work for this world.

In Ghosts No More, I didn’t use a lot of imported assets in the game. A lot of what’s in the game were basic shapes from Unity editor, like the mansion, the basement interior, the projectiles, and the Fire Jet Truck front bits/bonnet.  The Ghosts were particle systems. The imported assets I used were the 2 tree models I used to enhance the secondary world of this game, and the textures, which I tried to use a few number of creatively by retiling it differently on several objects.

I believe I need to program a better AI system for the ghosts, that is why I’ll postpone publishing the game with this post. But I think concept game wise, this post covers it.