Cloud Prototype

Cloud, is an experimental game. It’s an emotion invoking game experience. You get to see a life of a cloud, in this reckless industrial world. Air pollution sourly mixes with the beautiful clouds. Players get swoosh the cloud in the sky using wind gusts to move it. They go through a heavy storm, trying to reach the lush green floating island, for a better place to live. They can revive the life of the dead, numb floating islands on their journey, as the cloud/player is making a change in the world or they can choose not to, and just head straight to their destination. The journey the players make can either be seen as triggering a memory, or a premonition, depending on their actions.

A sketch of the game's early design.

A sketch of the game’s early design.

The controls of this game are limited to mouse controls. Controlling the cloud movement is by clicking right/left mouse buttons to either move the cloud left or right by blowing wind that way.

The following images are screen shots of the game.

Start Menu Screen

Start Menu Screen



Start point is in this room [shown above]. Conveying the terrible condition of the “happy things” in life, the side of effects of industrialism. In particular rainbows and clouds, locked in a jar. And a dirty unhappy rainbow is out in the sky.

Control instructions are painted on the wall, “Scroll Mouse Wheel”.


By scrolling the mouse into the scene, the player gets up close and personal with the locked cloud.


– Camera pans to show the filthy industrial smoke in the air for a few seconds.
– Game instructions float in the scene.
– Open sky is ready to be explored by the player to escape the dirty air around the cloud.



– Cloud is sucked into the storm. They struggle to get out of the storm.
– An out of control broken plane is sucked into the storm as well.
– Cloud makes it through the heavy storm, into the serenity of the open sky, a bit closer to the islands. Soft music fades in.



– When the cloud is close to a lifeless island, it revives life back into it.
– Reaching the green lush island. The mellow music changes to a perky music.
– A vortex appears and pulls the cloud into it.

After getting pulled in the vortex, depending on the cloud’s (player’s) journey, the end will differ according to their actions.

The happy ending scene.

The happy ending scene, if they go out of their way to revive the islands. The back into the room, time has passed, and the cloud is noticeably brighter and bigger in the jar, as it’s been filled with hope for a better future. The journey they were in was premonition.


The sad ending scene, if the player travels the open sky selfishly without reviving the islands/without exploring. They’re back into the same room with the cloud withering and dying. As if the journey it was just in, was just a memory. And the players just triggered the memory by coming close it.

While playing in the open sky, I’ve added a subtle animation to the camera to reinforce the feeling of floating/feeling like a cloud. Soft movements.

That’s it for this post. =)